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Binary Law Firm

This module allows law firms to manage their trust accounts on behalf of their clients. When an invoice is raised for a client who has a trust account automatically the system will reduce the balance of the trust account for that particular client. The system can produce reports to show how the trusted funds per client were used (Creditor statement), how much money is in the trust bank accounts and the balance per client. The module also allows third party transactions on behalf on a trust i.e. payment of water bills, ZESA bills on behalf of clients who have trust accounts.

What the Law Firm Module enables you to do.

• Allows you to print receipts for money being deposited into the trust bank account. • Allows you to print receipts for money being deposited into the business bank account. • Or Cash Consultant Receipts (with Automatic Creation of invoices) .


When it comes to Invoicing it

• Allows you to Invoice your Creditors .

• Invoices automatically adjust trust account and business account where and when appropriate.

• Enables you to do your extra costs Expenses on your Invoices (eg Transport can be invoiced as an extra cost)

Law Firm Time Management System (TMS)


- This is a timesheet system that works hand in hand with the Law Firm functionality module. Lawyers will enter timesheets of the time they spend with clients;

 the system will automatically create invoices from that timesheet. Through this module we can set different rates for lawyers depending on the law firm policy


. Time Management System at a glance

 • Differentiate between Recoverable and Non Recoverable Expenses/Charges.

 • Recording of employees and their activities and auto managing hourly charges.

 • Automatic Invoicing of Time Sheets when timesheets are marked as ready for invoicing.

SMS functionality (CRM)

This is a new module due to the technology improvements in communication. Through this module a Law Firm can be able to send mini statements for trust accounts from the system. The system can be set in such a way that when an invoice for a client is created the system will automatically send an SMS to the client. Through Binary CRM when an appointment is booked for a lawyer the system will send an SMS to the lawyer so that he/she is aware of the appointment and to the client to confirm that an appointment is set for him/her.

SMS at a glance

• CRM Will enable you to login messages for your lawyers and an sms will be sent from the system to both parties.
• Option to SMS receipts for monies received, and SMS creditors account balance when an invoice is updated.
 • SMS alert for Supervisor to approve invoices and receipts for updates . SMS from Supervisor to responsible people to alert them to go ahead and update receipts.

Reports you can produce from the Law Firm Module

• Timesheet Reports (Chargeable, Non Chargeable Reports).

 • Creditor Analysis in the creditors master.

 • Full and Automatic Integration to Nominal ledger. (View your Trial Balance, Income Statement and other Financial reports.

 • Invoices List

• Receipts List

• Creditor detailed Reports

• Trust Account Reports

 • Print Statements

• SMS sent AND Many more reports